You will learn many things about psychology tests, human behavior, mental illness, and more!


The five W's and H:


Is the study of the activities in the mind and the behaivor of human beigns and other animals.

When and where?

In the begging of the 1800´s Psychological clinics were created in Germany. In 1826 the rorschach test was created after some of the IQ Tests!


There have been many people who have contributed to what we know today as psychology. Some of the most important are: Plato, Wilhelm Wundt, William Stern, Alfred Binet.


Psychological testing exists to understand how the mind works and how humans behave.


There are many types of tests that are used for psychology. Some of them are:

Intelligence tests: They measure your intelligence and potential. They are not based on learned things. It is culture-free.

Personality tests: They measure your personality and your creativity. An example of them, is the Rorschach Test. Results are based on what the people see in the images given.

Objective tests: They give specific questions about specific topics. These are based on true or false answers. It is done by the paper-pencil method.

Clinical tests: These tests measure specific clinical matters such as you current level of anxiety or depression.