Psychological testing

What are psychologists, what is mental illness and how it is treated?


Are you crazy? Do you think you are crazy? Not only because you go with psychologists means you are crazy. They treat different people with different problems. Psychologist use diffrent techniques depending the problems of its pacient.

* A clinical psychologist is the one that helps people with disorders.

*They are concerned with the assesment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental disorders.

*They focus their work in mental health, learning disability, emotional disturbance or substance abuse.

Mental illness
People have good mental health. This is how we think, feel and act as we live life. Your mental health helps determine how you handle your stress, relate to others and make choices. All this things are affected when you have a mental illness. A mental illness refers to a wide range of mental health conditions that affect your mood, thinking and behaivor. It is a concern when signs and symptoms cause you frequent stress and this affect your ability to function. The reasons that cause you a mental illness are inherited traits, biological factors, life experiences and brain cheimagesCAAEPS16.jpgmistry. To diagnose if a person has a mental illness theres physical exams, psychological exams and laboratory tests.

Treating Mental Illness
Psychologist usually use psychotherapy and medication to treat mental illness. Psychotherapy is a general term for the process of treating mental illness by talking about your condition and related issues with mental health provider. The application of techniques aimed at improving a persons mental, social and interpersonal functioning. Using only medication for mental illness brings faster results but they dont last. Therapy is a slower process and results may not be as fast but it is a longer term solutuion. patient-therapist.jpg