Psychological Testing

How does the Rorschach test work?

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The Rorschach test was created by the Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach in 1921. In this test,subject´s perceptions of inkblots are recorded and then analyzed by a psychologist with psychological interpretation. This test is sometimes used to determine a person´s personality characteristics and (or) emotional functioning.It has also been used to detect thought disorder or mental illness by a patient that has suffered experiences.

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The test is composed by 10 images made with inkblots "mirrored" in both sides. (During the test aplictation, the test giver gives you 10 different flashcards with unnique inkblots.)

  • Five Cards: Black, Grey, & White

Most Responses: masks, butterflies, bats, monsters, or gorillas.

  • Three cards: Black & Red external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTxaog3uo9LwC8s_ehLWfcjIluUd9Obc3I6aK-dGC1VIdATwgNv

Most Responses: Blood, organs, birs, people & creatures

  • Two cards: Different Colors

Most responses: Sea animals, climbing animals, people, plants

In the cards you can find hundreds of different types of images and symbols. What people see determines how people´s life is at that time, how do they react, and their personal experiences. For example, when people see other people or houses or even something referring to people, it means that they are social and like being around people. There are some that see masks, Jack-o-lanterns, or animal faces. They might be paranoid. Some poeple that had suffered bad experiences usually see those images that remind them of their experience. A person might also see sexual images because of their past.

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Masks and Faces----------------------------- Gorillas or Monsters------------------------ Wolves and Animals

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Trees, Woods, Jungles, Nature------------------------------------- Fish and other Sea Creatures

When Responding to the psychologist´s questions, the test giver should record everything you do or say. Although some movements and behavior are meaningless, others can be even tell if you are lying or making it up. The giver gives you a certain card and it is said that "Normal" people should tilt it, flip it, turn it to find an image. The time it takes you to provide a verbal response is carefully noted, along with any other comment you might give. Hand gestures and body movements are also noted. "This looks like.." is considered a healthier response since you are giving your opinion in comparison with "This is a..." Since in this one you are 100% sure that it is a certain thing and nothing else.

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Some of the Responses:

Plaat I: Can you identify a women looking for her lost head? Or two dogs faceing each other?

Plaat II: Two wolf puppies? Or two people touching hands? A Butterfly?

Plaat III: Two birds falling? A Butterlfy? Two women or two men?

Plaat IV: A Gorlla? A Monster? Two Ducks?

Plaat V: A Crocodile? A Butterfly? A Moth? A Bat?

Plaat VI: A Dragon fly? a Mat?

Plaat VII: Two Indians? An Elephant? Feathers?

Plaat: VIII: Buffalo´s? Big Dress? Bears?

Plaat IX: Two Pigs facing each other? Some organs in the bottom?

Plaat X: Some Crabs? Plants? Fish? Mermaids?

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