Where do IQ Tests come from?
By: Luis Benavides
IQ Tests have been one of the main and most important contributions to Psychology and to Brain and Mind testing. The IQ is used to know how much capacity of knowledge a person has or can acquire. The formula of to determine the IQ of someone is Mental Age divided by Chronological Age times 100 (Example: 12/10 x100= 120). The mental age is how old one appears to be based solely on his mental ability and function, while chronological age is how old someone is by its years of life. The average IQ for anyone is to have an IQ of 100 (mental age and chronological age is the same), below 100 is considered under average and above 100 is considered above average.

Many people know how IQ tests work and their important contribution to modern day psychology. IQ tests are used by psychologists and scientists all over the world, but most people don’t know where they come from, and what intelligent and intellectual man created the system to know the IQ of anyone.